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Seven Athletes Secret Identities Uncovered

Seven Athletes Secret Identities Uncovered

Kristina Suarez |

Professional athletes are in a class of their own when it comes to sports. It’s fair to say that their level of skill will never be reached by the majority of us common folk. However, even among the highest caliber players, there are those that shine. This elite tier, the best of the best, will forever be remembered for their greatness. They dominate their respective sports in ways you can only imagine. How can this be possible when their competition has trained just as hard? Maybe there’s a little more to them than meets the eye. Perhaps these seven athletes really should be in a league of their own.

1. Michael Jordan – Superman

   courtesy of youtube.com

hile there are arguments out there against Michael Jordan being the best of all time, no one can deny that his passion for the sport and desire to prove himself is awe inspiring. This man dedicated his life to being the best he could be. His career is chock full of superhuman moments, whether it’s one of his numerous buzzer beaters or the legendary dunk from the free throw line. Along with his great offensive skills, came incredible defense. His lightning quick reflexes and superior game knowledge made it look as though he really was Superman out on the court. Those who played against him must have felt like he was invincible. Superman is known for never giving up, never backing down, and never going down without a fight. Jordan’s insane athleticism and iron willpower makes him our pick for the Man of Steel. To be that dominant in basketball for 15 seasons is certainly a feat worthy of someone like Superman.

2. Nadia Comăneci – Catwoman

   courtesy of dailybeast.com

Nadia Comăneci was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 on the uneven bars, which was spectacular to say the least. The way she gracefully swings and flips over the bars is beautiful to watch. Combine that with her floor routine and balance beam performance, we wonder if she’s really who she says she is. The way she gracefully dances along the balance beam is reminiscent of a cat walking along the top of a fence. Just like Nadia, Catwoman is known for her gymnastic and acrobatic talent, and in Gotham it’s always a good call to know how to get out of a tight spot. Hmm…could it be that they are one? and the same?

3. Michael Phelps – Aquaman

   courtesy of scoopwhoop.com

Ok, so this should be obvious, right? Who else could Michael Phelps be? Even his nickname, the Flying Fish, is probably from back home in Atlantis. When it comes to swimming, Phelps is not human. Seriously though, he holds 28 medals over three different Olympic competitions; eight of which came from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. It was during the Beijing games that Phelps set quite a few records, including the world record for the 200m freestyle. He glides through the water effortlessly like Aquaman, and sometimes it looks like he isn’t even trying to win. He set another record for most medals won at one Olympic competition by winning 8 gold medals. He is the greatest swimmer of all time. If he isn’t secretly swimming around the ocean fighting crime and communicating with marine animals, then we don’t know what real life is.

4. Usain Bolt – The Flash

   courtesy of scoopwhoop.com

Another obvious comparison is Usain Bolt and the Flash. Bolt set the world record for the 100m dash in 2009 with a speed of 9.58 seconds. That’s over 34ft/sec! However, the similarities don’t stop at just being fast. Both of them consume copious amounts of food to make up for all the calories burned. Bolt has been known to snack throughout the day, particularly enjoying McDonald’s chicken nuggets, because chicken nuggets are the same around the world, minimizing the risk of upsetting his stomach. One last link between the two is their sense of humor. Bolt is known for his laid back and fun loving personality, often partying and enjoying life one day at a time. The Flash enjoys his fair share of fun and is always cracking jokes, eating snacks, and having a good time.

5. Ronda Rousey – She-Hulk

   courtesy of elforodepuertorico.com

Just like She-Hulk, you wouldn’t like Ronda Rousey when she’s angry. She’s known for her all out aggressive style of fighting. She has explained that her fight philosophy is to approach every five seconds as though they’re the last five seconds of the match. This means she brings her all right at the start of every fight. This burst of rage and power is what makes her such a threat. She’s been known to end fights mere seconds after they’ve begun. Just like She-Hulk, she won’t go easy on you no matter who you are. In this case, it’s probably best to go silently into the night. Putting up a fight will just prolong your inevitable defeat. Unless, of course, you’re Holly Holm.

6. Muhammad Ali – Black Panther

   courtesy of respectability.org

The Greatest. The People’s Champion.The Louisville Lip. Muhammad Ali. Cassius Clay. Five names for one great boxer. But is there a sixth? Could he be Black Panther? He’s certainly displayed some similar attributes. His footwork was immaculate as he danced around the ring. His punches packed a wallop.  His reflexes were as quick as a cat’s and opponents swore they were swinging at thin air. Few could handle being in the ring with this man for longer than a couple rounds. But physical prowess isn’t the only common trait between these two. Just like Black Panther, Muhammad Ali advocated for causes that were greater than himself. When he famously refused to participate in the controversial Vietnam War, he was unceremoniously stripped of his ability to compete in fights. During the war he traveled the US giving speeches at colleges advocating peace, racial justice, and African American pride.

7. Wayne Gretzky – Iceman

   courtesy of redding.com

Wayne Gretzky will forever go down in history as The Great One; the greatest ice hockey player of all time. His dominance over the sport is rivaled by none. He played for 20 seasons and set over 60 NHL records during that time. There wasn’t a single goalie in the league that looked forward to facing him on the ice, and to this day his legendary goals are still remarkable to watch. The way he was able to glide across the ice so seamlessly and with such agility seemed to be a natural born trait of his. His relationship with the ice is one with which only Iceman himself could truly relate. Maybe being part of the X-Men isn’t quite as lucrative as playing professional ice hockey. Whatever the case may be, Gretzky’s talent is legendary and nothing short of superhuman. 

That’s all seven athletes' secret identities uncovered. Who do you think deserves to be on this list?

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