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Oh, The Eras You'll Go!

by: joshmirm

This design has been laid to rest in the T-Shirt Graveyard and is no longer available for purchase.

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T-Shirt / Mens Fitted Tee Red:

Tultex Fine Jersey T-shirts are made with 100% fine jersey cotton combed for softness and comfort.

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  • Girls
  • Hoodies
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  • Toddlers

About the Artist

"Great Scott!" Said Doc,As he looked at the clock."1985 is where you need to be!"That was something you had to agree.

"1.21 gigawatts?"He felt his back fill up with knots."Maybe a bolt of lightning will do?"You asked as if you really knew.

"We'd have to know when and where lighting will strike!"He almost wanted you to take a hike.But that's when you showed that paper from the future,"This is it!" He pronounced, you time-traveling intruder.

And you went to the dance, helping both your parents.Your father unsurprisingly, was a pathetic adolescent.But, before your Mom could kiss you, big ol' Biff tossed you aside.Fortunately your Dad saved the day! It was quite a big surprise.

The moment came for the car, but of course it wouldn't start.There was a thunk you felt, deep within your heart.But at the last minute, everything worked out for the best,A better family, a living doc, and an orange glowing vest.


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