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About RIPT NFT's


Buying a RIPT NFT comes with some huge perks that our fans will love. Curious what you will get?  


When you purchase your RIPT NFT directly from RIPT, you automatically become one of the cool kids. 

As a cool kid, here is what you will get:


✔️ FREE Physical Airdrop Sticker

✔️ Monthly special coupons

✔️ Early notification of the next drop



Within 60 minutes after you successfully complete your purchase you will receive an email containing a single use link to add the NFT you bought to your Metamask Ethereum wallet. The link will also allow you to create a new Niffty Bridge wallet with 1-click.


Do not share your link with anybody, as it is the exclusive key to your NFT until it’s added to your wallet. RIPT is not responsible for shared or lost links!!!

If you don’t have a wallet yet (or don’t know how to set one up) easy instructions can be found here. You can also learn how to set up a Metamask wallet by clicking here.



The RIPT NFT Marketplace is a place to buy and sell NFTs in the secondary market, and to complete your collection. All Marketplace transactions are transacted in Ethereum and take place directly on the blockchain. You’ll need a Metamask wallet with Ethereum in it to use the Marketplace. 

RIPT takes a 10% commission on all Marketplace sales to cover our BIGGBY Coffee addiction.

If you purchase a RIPT NFT on the Marketplace, you will not receive any of the benefits mentioned above.


RIPT has also created the RIPT NFT Marketplace, a trading platform where you can buy, sell, and auction NFTs on the secondary market. All trades on the RIPT NFT Marketplace are completed in Ethereum directly on the blockchain.

Probably the easiest way to buy and sell Ethereum is to set up an account at Coinbase and follow their instructions. You can pay for your Ethereum using your credit card, or direct bank transfer. Once that’s done you can transfer your Ethereum to your Metamask wallet.

Here are some things you can do on the RIPT NFT Marketplace:


  1. Find an NFT you like on the Marketplace.
  2. If the NFT is listed as For Sale you can buy it using Etherium in your Metamask wallet. If the NFT is listed as FOR AUCTION you can make a bid in WETH.
  3. Once your purchase is complete (or if you win the auction) your RIPT NFT will be added to your MetaMask wallet as soon as the transaction resolves on the blockchain.


You can make an offer in WETH for any RIPT NFT that isn’t officially for sale. If the owner accepts your offer then your payment will be deducted from your Ethereum wallet, and the RIPT NFT will appear.


  1. Select the NFT you want to sell from the details page of that NFT and hit the SELL button.
  2. Once a buyer is found the blockchain will transfer your RIPT NFT out of your wallet and you’ll receive ETH in payment!


All RIPT NFTs are ERC-1155 Non Fungible Tokens minted on the Polygon blockchain. Blockchain contract address: 0x4846498a554edf42258691e6b1c60de3a0244d32

Your NFTs are automatically visible and tradeable on the RIPT NFT Marketplace, OpenSea and potentially on other platforms that think we are cool.

NFTs and E-commerce: how digital ownership will change the way we buy and sell products

In 2009, the world changed forever with the invention of Bitcoin and the framework for blockchain technology. Bitcoin brought about a new age of groundbreaking innovation which opened doors for all different types of industries. For the average person, however, Bitcoin had no real impact on the way they lived their lives other than the occasional office conversation by the water cooler. To most, cryptocurrency was simply another techie buzz word. While Bitcoin has yet to truly change the world, the blockchain technology on which it was built, has the potential to radically shape and innovate the future of eCommerce. But how can cryptocurrency impact eComm? How can a virtual coin ever change the way people buy and sell products? The answer to that question would come 3 years later in the form of NFTs.

What is an NFT anyway?

An NFT stands for "Non Fungible Token".

When something is fungible, it is considered to be “mutually interchangeable”. An example would be if someone were to trade a dollar bill in return for another dollar. They are the same currency and there is no difference between them so you would be okay with exchanging them. Conversely, Non-Fungibility depicts items that are not interchangeable. An example would be a car, house or piece of art. These items are unique and each has characteristics that distinguish it from others of its kind.

A token is simply the digital version of an item for the purpose of trade on the blockchain. The blockchain is a public ledger where all the transactions of cryptocurrencies occur. Put them together and what have you got? Non-fungible tokens represent ownership of unique assets stored on the blockchain. These unique assets could be anything from a real world RIPT T-Shirt to a piece of RIPT art. The possibilities are endless, and NFTs have opened the door to allow consumers to own goods that were previously unownable. After NFTs were created, their use cases began to grow and other forms of NFT technology began sprouting up, each with their own use cases and benefits. Ethereum emerged as the gold standard of the technology due to its wide user base and its ability to be traded freely.

What can NFTs be used for?
The eCommerce space is an industry where all sorts of assets (both physical and digital) are traded and tracked each day. NFT’s allow for any product to be digitized and tracked on the blockchain. Although they first gained mainstream popularity in the gaming and collectible space, the use cases for NFTs stretch far beyond that, such as:

1. Art
High price volatility and low market liquidity are challenges that have plagued the Art industry for decades. Through Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), art has now been brought within reach of millions of RIPT fans. A fractional-ownership system now allows thousands of people to collectively purchase a piece of art in separate tradeable units.

By bringing the ownership of art from the physical world to the digital space, artists can now gain direct access to a limitless pool of RIPT fans, while also eliminating intermediaries. NFTs provide opportunities for artists to increase their profit margins and trade their works across borders as RIPT pays double royalties to our artists. They also help avoid the risks of damage that may arise from transporting artworks from on auctioning location to another.

With all these advantages, it’s no surprise that NFTs have been quickly embraced by the art community. In fact, the biggest NFT sale to date is a digital artwork –"Everyday: The First 5000 Days," by Beeple. The artwork sold for a staggering sum of $69 million – the third-highest auction price by a living artist. NFTs allow art creators to take back control and ownership of not only their creative process but the commercialization of their works too.

2. Fashion Design Industry
The fashion space is another industry that benefited from the development of blockchain technology. With NFTs, consumers are now able to digitally verify the authenticity of designer products by simply scanning a QR code attached to the internal label or sale tag. Consumers can view the location of the factories and sources of raw materials used to create a certain piece of clothing.

NFTs also allow for a much more efficient way of reducing counterfeiting by verifying authenticity through the blockchain. Anyone can check to see where their premium t-shirt was made to avoid buying a knockoff.

Other use cases include virtual 3D dressing rooms and using NFTs for digital garments and even fashion collectibles.

3. Community building
Perhaps the biggest benefit of NFTs are in their ability to build communities. NFT’s, at their core, represent ownership. They allow for every day consumers to own a piece of their favorite brands.

NFTs can also empower individuals with a common passion and interests to come together to contribute towards the development of certain projects. This has led to the deployment of NFTs towards the execution of social projects and charitable endeavors. 

NFT distribution and how they are sold today
There are two main ways to buy and sell NFTs today: marketplaces and direct-to-consumer.

Direct to Consumer
A direct to consumer sale is when you purchase a RIPT NFT directly and are the first owner. These types of sales have been much less common due to the overall complexity of minting and transferring NFT’s to buyers. The cost and technical complexity of minting NFTs in-house has often only made this possible for larger brands, but due to some big brains at RIPT, we are able to bring this to our fans now.

RIPT NFT Marketplace is the most common and easiest way to get started with NFT's. Similar to Ebay or Amazon, RIPT NFT Marketplace allows for thousands of creators and owners to list them for sale on the open market to millions of buyers. 

The advantage of using a marketplace is that it allows you to quickly gain access to millions of potential buyers and makes it simple to get started. All you need is a crypto wallet, a credit card or some Ethereum and the marketplace takes care of the rest.

The future of NFTs in the Ecommerce Space
In the not-so-distant future, NFTs will change the way consumers buy and sell products forever. Below are a variety of ways that NFTs will dramatically change the ecommerce space for the better.

  1.  Zero Fraud: They eliminate fraud and counterfeiting in e-commerce.
  2. Removes Trade Barriers: NFTs make it possible to trade assets digitally across borders, without the hassle and restrictions of real-world political regulations.
  3. Eliminates Intermediaries: NFTs remove the additional costs added by intermediaries between buyers and sellers of an asset.
  4. Speed: NFTs allow trades to be initiated and validated at unprecedented speeds. Trade requests and offers are validated by computer networks on the blockchain in real-time.
  5. Divisibility: NFTs enable fractional-ownership of assets that may be deemed too expensive for average income earners. Crowd-ownership of the same asset allows producers and creatives to sell off their works much faster.

In the future, the physical and digital world will be one in the same through the use of NFT’s. People will be able to buy a physical shirt in the same place they order gaming character skins.  They will even be able to own a small piece of the latest exclusive RIPT design. NFT’s will change how consumers shop forever. Welcome to the future.

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