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General Product Information
How much do your daily items cost?

RIPT Apparel mens, women's juniors, and youth shirts are priced at $13. Plus sizes (3XL and above) for mens shirts incur extra costs than our smaller sizes.

How many times can I purchase at a time

Customers may purchase as many sizes and quantities as they wish from RIPT Apparel. There is not a purchase limit at this time. Keep in mind that certain combinations of items may result in higher than expected shipping costs.

Although there is no limit on the amount of items you may purchase at a time, international shipments have a maximum weight of 15 lbs. per order. If you wish to order more than 15 lbs., you'll have to split your total into multiple separate orders.

How can I pay for my order?

For domestic orders, we currently accept the following major credit cards: Discover, Visa & Mastercard.

We also accept Paypal and Bill Me Later. International customers are required to pay via Paypal. Even if you don't have an account, you may still pay via your credit card through Paypal.

We accept Amazon payments as well.

What kind of garments do you print on?

RIPT Apparel mens and womens (juniors) tee shirts are made from 100% combined ring-spun cotton by Tultex They are a very high quality, light weight, t shirt. Many think they are softer than American Apparel tees. There may be situations where we will need to print on a different comparable brand of shirt due to stock issues.

Hoodies are printed on Bella Canvas Pull-over Hoodies. They are a high-quality medium weight hoodie with white pull strings and a metal zipper.

Youth sizes are printed on 100% cotton Gildan Ultra Cotton youth tees.



Do your shirts shrink?

RIPT Apparel shirts are labeled preshrunk. The t shirts can still shrink when drying though. We recommend air/hang drying all RIPT Apparel tees.

Washing Tips?

We recommend that shirts be washed inside-out (especially for the first wash) to avoid any harmful interaction with the inks during the washing and drying process. Youth garments should be washed before their initial wearing due to any possible residue left from the printing process.

Will my shirt look exactly like what appears on your website?

We screen-print the following garments: Mens tees, womens tees, zip-up hoodies, tank-tops and crew necks. Screen-printing our shirts is a delicate process with a lot of variables. What you see on the website is a digital approximation of what you will see on your printed shirts. We do our best to keep what’s on our site in sync with what you receive, but we cannot 100% guarantee colors of garment, colors of print, placement, or size of print to be exactly what you see online. That being said, there will be a reasonable range of variation between colors, size, and placement between what you see on the screen and what you see on your shirt. You won’t expect an ink print to be red and have it show up blue.

Youth garments are printed using a completely different process than screen-printing and they will not look exactly like their adult and youth counterparts. When comparing an adult garment to a kids garment, there will most likely be noticeable differences in placement, size, feel, and color.

Do you make shirts for women?

Yes, however the sizes do not correlate to their male counterparts. Consider the womens tees to be juniors sizes and by all means check the sizing chart before purchasing.

How do you choose artists? How do I submit a design? How do artists get paid?

Artists and designers can submit their designs through our online artist agreement. To submit a design, one must first create an account here at the RIPT Apparel website. If selected, the artist will be paid 10% of revenue for every garment sold that day.

Order Questions
How do you handle returns and refunds?

We will only accept returns and offer refunds if the shirt is somehow damaged, torn or ripped. If this is the case, due to the extreme rarity of our product we may not be able to ship you the same shirt you ordered therefore would issue you credit towards a new shirt.

There is a problem with my order, what do I do?

Visit the RIPT Support Help Desk and we will respond as soon as possible. Please be aware that RIPT Apparel is a USA-based English-speaking company. All correspondence will be conducted in the English language.

Shipping Questions
When do I get my items after purchasing?

Each RIPT Apparel order is shipped within 2 business days of the sale, currently excluding headphones. On rare occasions, orders may take more than 1 week due to higher than expected sales or holiday scheduling. There is an estimated ship date posted every day for each daily item, so please refer to that each day before ordering. We use UPS Mail Innovations for all domestic shipments. Tracking information will be provided via email for domestic shipments within the United States. Please be aware that we are located in the central United States and time of delivery is dependent on your distance from our headquarters. International shipments have been known to take up to a month to be delivered. Sorry, we cannot currently track most international shipments. Shipments to South America, Brazil in particular, have been known take up to 2 months to arrive after they leave our warehouse. Please be aware that all daily items have not been printed until after its full sales-cycle has been completed.

Do you ship outside of the USA, internationally?

Yes we do! International shipping takes considerably longer than domestic shipping. Please be aware that international shipments may take up to one month to arrive, depending on where you live. Sorry, we cannot track most international packages.

Will I have to pay customs on my order if I live outside of the United States?

Occasionally on international orders that contain a larger quantity of items or a high purchase price over $25, your local post office may charge you customs. By law, we are required to state the amount paid for any outgoing international package. These customs charges are rare, but they do happen on orders with multiple shirts, hoodies, and mixed item packages. Please be aware that any resultant customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

Art Submission Questions
Last updated April 22, 2014

Be sure to download the submission kit at the link below to more easily create your mock-up files for submission. Hi-res files are no longer required for RIPT Apparel submissions. Yay!

RIPT Apparel Submission Kit for Artists

What are the size limitations for my artwork on a shirt?

The largest screens that we are currently allowing are 12" wide by 14" tall. For our daily tees, we are currently only allowing front screen printing shirts. We screen print our youth sizes with the same screens used on our adult sizes, so the height has been shortened to 14" tall. Our hoodies will utilize the same screens as your t-shirts, but will be printed on the back. We cannot print on the front of our hoodies, sorry. Your art will be modified slightly for the kids sizes, with a maximum print size of 12" by 14".

How many colors can I use?

RIPT Apparel has raised it's color limit for screen printing from 5 colors to 8 colors. We no longer require submissions to include a screen count, but be aware that if your design is over 8 colors or screens, it is not likely to be chosen. If your design is chosen to be printed at RIPT Apparel, we reserve the right to modify it in order to bring the color count down to a reasonable level. We typically include the artist during this process in order to get the perfect print. Please don't take this as an invitation to use as many colors as possible, because we still are looking for designs with a lower color count. Instead, use this as an opportunity to give designs a chance at RIPT that previously were unable to be printed due to our color limitations.

We are not really looking for CMYK prints, however on a white shirt we can consider a CMYK styled design because the background would be more similar to paper. Please try to stick to spot-color designs and implement halftones when additional hues are needed. When printing on dark colored tees, realize that one of the colors will most likely consist of a white underbase. This means an underbase will take up one of your available color screens, even if white is already chosen.

What color shirts are available?

We ask our artists to choose a color for the daily tee shirt garment only, and then we will use our best judgment to choose the appropriate color garment for hoodies, onesies, and kids sizes.

You can download the RIPT Apparel Arist Submission kit Photoshop file at this link. The file is a Photoshop file containing approximations of the shirt colors as individual layers. Please use this to create your design mock-ups, which may be flattened jpg's 800 pixels wide.

What other types of printing techniques are available other than standard ink?

At RIPT, we understand our artists’ need to push the limits of the standard printing techniques. Currently, we are keeping it pretty simple and letting the artwork speak for itself. We are not considering printing techniques like foil stamps, embroidery, etc. This is of course all for the sake of keeping costs down for our customers. There may be special cases where an artist has a spectacular idea that would excel from trying a specific technique. We are willing to discuss, but we cannot promise we will be able to provide you with that service.

For now, we will be using standard plastisol screen-printing inks that may use the process of flash drying. Metallic and fluorescent inks are available. We print some tee shirts, all kids shirts, and all baby clothes using Direct To Garment printing.


What are my options for placement of graphics on the shirt?

We are currently only allowing prints on the front of tee shirts. However, with that can come specialty placement such as over the heart, neckline, shirt bottom overprint, etc. We cannot break designs up to cover sleeves as well as the front. We can do side prints as well, as long it is all part of one cohesive screen. If the shirt has to be moved during the printing process, we will most likely be unable to do it. We are willing to do SOME experimenting though so have at it!

If you need a special placement, please indicate this on the when you submit your design in the special instructions.

Our hoodies will have the artwork printed on the backside, with a small RIPT ‘R’ logo over the heart. The color of the 'R' is determined by the colors of the inks used on the back design. The final color of the 'R' is decided by the RIPT staff.

What kind of files do I need to send to get printed?

For initial submissions, please create a user account and refer to the RIPT Apparel Artist Submission Kit by clicking here. The following information is regarding finished print files needed after one of your pieces has been scheduled. You will receive a standardized email notification from RIPT Apparel requesting the high-resolution print files that we require for printing your design if it is selected.

Separated Illustrator files (.ai or .eps files) are always the best for precision and alignment. However, we will accept anything that is the proper resolution. Almost anything in the Adobe Creative Suite will be fine. Our staff will be putting the finishing touches on your files before they are off to print, and they are quite experienced in translating artists’ work to the proper screens for production. Your raster files MUST BE TO SIZE at 300 DPI. Please make sure that your artwork is on separate layers than the shirt color background. If your design includes gradients, or you plan to halftone your work yourself, please include and un-halftoned version in additional layers if possible. We may need to tweak the LPI (lines per inch) or angles of your halftones.

Here are a few rules of thumb to go by: In Illustrator, label the proper PMS colors that you expect the ink to be on the finished design. Save your files as .eps files and outline any fonts, outline any strokes, and expand any appearances that may be included in the design. In Photoshop, make sure your file is set to 300 DPI, and have your artwork at the proper scale. If you want your art to be 10 inches tall, make sure it is 10 inches tall in the file at 300 DPI.

How do I separate my colors into usable screens?

If you are aware of how to separate colors in Illustrator or separate your artwork into color channels in Photoshop, by all means, please do this. Otherwise, RIPT will take care of this delicate procedure for you. There may be some back and forth between you and us before we agree upon a finished piece of art. You will always get the chance to see your art before it is put into production, however the printed piece will almost always have differences from the original digital piece. Underbases may or may not be used on your artwork and that is up to the discrepancy of RIPT.

Can I sign / add my signature to my art?

YES! We actually encourage our artists to add their signature to one of their screens. Don’t make it the focus of the design, but it’s definitely cool if you can sign the art to give it your own personal flair and calling card.

How do I send the print files to RIPT Apparel?

If a design you've submitted is selected for print, you will receive an automated email with a link to upload your high-resolution artwork to a secure RIPT server. It is a good idea to compress the file(s) into a .zip, .tar, or .sit prior to uploading.

Artists that have previously submitted to RIPT Apparel may be used to providing links to download the files but this is no longer necessary and high res files are not necessary during the initial submission process.

When do I need to get you the finished work files for production?

Once RIPT has confirmed with you that you will be creating a design for sale on their site, you will be given a live sale date and a deadline for your artwork prior to that. We will contact you via email for the final hi-res artwork.

I’ve submitted a design. How do I know if my work has been selected or not?

Once you have submitted a design to RIPT via a site submission, we have 30 days to consider the design before you can revoke our ability to print it. If you haven’t been contacted within 30 days of your submission date, we are either still considering it or have passed on the design. We no longer send rejection notices for rejected submissions.

Every design you submit to RIPT Apparel is now attached to your RIPT user account. You can see the status of each design you've submitted under the "design" panel in your artist dashboard. The status of each design gives you an up-to-date notification of where a design is along the process of submission.

I’ve submitted a design but I’ve either sold the full rights to it elsewhere or don’t want to print it anymore.

If you wish to revoke a submitted design after 30 days, please contact support[at]riptapparel.com by email with the name of the design and date it was submitted. Once we have scheduled a design for print, it can no longer be revoked and will be printed at RIPTapparel.com on the date indicated in your sales date email. Please be aware that once a design is submitted, it cannot be revoked for 30 days as per the information in our terms and conditions.

How many shirts will be printed with my design?

We print a one-time run of the design that is for sale on our site. We make exactly as many as are ordered. We also print one for the RIPT graveyard and one for the artist as a gift for providing us their design.

How do I get paid for my design work that is sold on RIPT?

All artists receive 10% of revenue (excluding shipping & tax) per garment sold during the 24-hour period that their design is featured for sale on RIPT. We will send your payment by Paypal within a week of your design being sold. You will also receive one of your own tees from RIPT.

Can I order more shirts or other garments and ship them with my free artist shirt?

We are unable to combine the free shirt portion of your artist payment with additional items. Any additional items you wish to purchase need to be bought on your own in a new order.

How do I know what is legal for RIPT to print?

We very carefully choose which designs we print based on a variety of selection criteria. One of the most important of these factors is whether or not the design directly infringes on any other third party intellectual property. The question of what is 'ok' to print and what isn't sparks a multitude of debates. To help guide our artists through this murky territory, we are providing a brief guide from the RIPT legal team helping to define what is acceptable at RIPT.

You can download the RIPT Apparel Copyrighted Material Guide by clicking here.

Can I get one of those sweet hoodies or a onesie for my little one instead of a free t-shirt for me?

Yes, but you have to let us know before your design is done being sold by emailing us at support[at]riptapparel.com. We will then give you a coupon code for the value of your artist tee ($11) plus free First Class shipping via USPS. Realize that if you want a hoodie, the shipping will end up costing more than the shipping for the free tee, so there will still be some shipping costs incurred.

May I specify how I want my art to look on items other than the t-shirts? (coasters, posters, etc.)

We reserve the right to specify the placement, size, layout, and orientation of the submitted final t-shirt graphic for use on all additional items. Each design we print at RIPT Apparel is a unique creation and thus we will determine what we feel is the appropriate application of the t-shirt graphic for each additional shape of item. Some images may be cropped in ways that optimize the artwork for each specific application.

Company Questions
Do artists retain the rights to their artwork?

Yes. Artists retain all rights to their artwork and may print it elsewhere. However, RIPT Apparel does retain the right to display the artwork on its website indefinitely. Artists’ artwork may be used in future promotional materials by RIPT Apparel. The artist may do whatever they wish with their design after its day of sale at RIPT, including sell it to another t-shirt site.

Do you have Wholesale pricing?

We sure do! Please contact us through our help desk for more information.

How do you differ from your competition?

RIPT Apparel sets itself apart by employing a wide array of artistic talent that much of the world (online and offline) has yet to experience and enjoy. What better way to support a new movement or artistic style than by wearing it for the whole world to see? We will always strive to be the most artist-friendly online shirt retailer available. We are currently the only design-per-day shirt retailer to offer an expanded selection of garments such as hoodies, baby clothes, and kids sizes. We also provide non-apparel products such as iPhone cases, stone coasters, and full color art prints as posters.

RIPT Apparel prides itself for having one of the fastest turnaround times for its one-a-day products in the industry. Each item is created in-house as RIPT Apparel headquarters by a friendly staff that puts love into each individual item.

Website isn’t working, who do I contact?

Visit the RIPT Support Help Desk and we will respond as soon as possible.

How do you choose artists? How do I submit a design? How do artists get paid?

Artists and designers can submit their designs through our online artist agreement. If selected, the artist will be paid $1 for every garment sold that day.

Do you reprint shirts?

Once a shirt has out-lived its 24-hours life cycle, it finally is laid to Rest In Peace within our Shirt Graveyard. There they will rest forever, but sometimes on a full moon, strange rumblings have been heard stirring within the cemetery gates…

How many items are printed per design?

Each unique RIPT Apparel design is printed on a different quantity of individual items dependent on the number of orders it receives. After a specifc design’s 24-hour lifespan, it will not be reprinted in its original form again. Ever.

Ok, well, ya know, sometimes, zombies, right?

Why do you only sell one shirt a day for only 24 hours?

Our one-a-day sales model is an exciting opportunity to promote discovery of new artists while also creating potential collector’s items that customers can wear with pride. There’s nothing quite like being there at the start of a great artist’s career.

Also, if today's shirt isn't your thing there will always be a new tomorrow.

What time do new shirts get posted and when do old ones expire?

At 12 Midnight CST (central standard time) the current shirt for sale expires and a new shirt becomes available.

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