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Do artists retain the rights to their artwork?

Yes. Artists retain all rights to their artwork and may print it elsewhere. However, RIPT Apparel does retain the right to display the artwork on its website indefinitely. Artists’ artwork may be used in future promotional materials by RIPT Apparel. The artist may do whatever they wish with their design after it’s day of sale at RIPT, including sell it on another t-shirt site.

Do you have Wholesale pricing?

So sorry but we don't offer wholesale pricing at this time.

Do you reprint shirts?

Once a shirt has out-lived its 24-hours life cycle, it finally is laid to Rest In Peace within our Shirt Graveyard. There they will rest forever, but sometimes on a full moon, strange rumblings have been heard stirring within the cemetery gates…

How many items are printed per design?

Each unique RIPT Apparel design is printed on a different quantity of individual items dependent on the number of orders it receives. After a specifc design’s 24-hour lifespan, it will not be reprinted in its original form again. Ever.

Ok, well, ya know, sometimes, zombies, right?

Why do you only sell one shirt a day for only 24 hours?

Our one-a-day sales model is an exciting opportunity to promote discovery of new artists while also creating potential collector’s items that customers can wear with pride. There’s nothing quite like being there at the start of a great artist’s career.

Also, if today's shirt isn't your thing there will always be a new tomorrow.

What time do new shirts get posted and when do old ones expire?

At 12 Midnight CST (central standard time) the current shirt for sale expires and a new shirt becomes available.

What is the RIPTapparel.com Affiliate Program?

The RIPTapparel.com Affiliate Program is an online revenue-sharing program that gives you the tools to earn commission by simply providing your viewers with a link to our site. We'll provide you with text links and banners that you cut and paste into your site. It takes seconds to add your links, even for newbies. RIPT takes care of fulfilling all the orders, processing payment, and fielding customer service issues. You make a percentage of all the sales that originate from your site, and you can access reports online to see how well you're doing.

Sign me up! How do I apply?

Just follow these simple steps!

  1. Head over to our Affiliate Page
  2. Fill out an online application.
  3. We'll review your request and send you further instructions.
  4. Place the RIPTapparel.com links and banners on your site and start making money!

How often will I receive payments?

RIPT Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis once they have reached the $25 minimum payment threshold.

Can anyone be an Affiliate?

RIPT wants to partner with any website that is interested in providing visitors with the unique geek and pop culture art fashion found at RIPTapparel.com. However, we reserve the right to deny participation to sites for reasons such as fraud, hate crimes, and pornography. Please bear in mind, you must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the RIPT Affiliate Program.

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