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FAQ - Shipping

General Shipping Questions

Can I Combine Orders to Save on Shipping Costs?

Due to demand it is not possible for our fulfillment center to search for individual orders and combine them. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Shipping to Hawaii

Orders shipping to Hawaii are sent via boat and therefore can take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive.

Illinois Sales Tax Calculation

Illinois is considered an “Origin States” for sales tax calculation purposes. When a sale takes place in an Origin State:

The zip code of the store’s physical presence in that state is used for tax rate determination - not the customers shipping address.

In other words, the customer will pay the State, County AND Municipal Tax of the merchants physical presence (as opposed to the customer’s shipping address). This will only apply to Orders where the Shipping Address is in Illinois - orders out of state continue to be exempt from taxes.

My package is being returned to RIPT

We're very sorry to hear that your order is on it's way back to our facility. This can sometimes happen for a number of reasons. Most commonly when this happens, it is because there is something wrong with your shipping address. We process all of our returns in house, so as soon as your item arrives back we will contact you for more information.

Thanks for your patience in this case. We have seen orders take as long as 2 weeks or more to arrive back to our location. Unfortunately we are at the mercy of the USPS in this situation.

What domestic shipping courier does RIPT use?

For all Shipments within the United States, we ship via DHL Global Mail or UPS Mail Innovations.

Tracking Q&A

I Need My Tracking Number

We typically print and ship orders in 7 BUSINESS DAYS (sometimes it takes longer). However, since we print to order, that may change due to high demand. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email which will include the tracking info.

Tracking not Updating

Tracking can take up to a day or two to update. If it's been longer than 2 days, please feel free to reach out so we can look into your order.

Tracking says delivered but I don't have my order.

We're very sorry to hear that your tracking number shows this order was delivered but you have not recieved your shipment. Unfortunately there is no way for us to track down a shipment once it is marked as delivered.

Has this order been shipped to an apartment, or suite? If so, can you see if the mailman left your parcel in an unusual location? Or left it in the hands of a neighbor? We've seen postal workers engage in all sorts of strange behavior while delivering shipments. (placed under floor mats, in between screen doors, hidden behind bushes)

If you still haven't received your shipment, we urge you to contact your local post office, and give them your tracking number. Often times they are able to retrieve more information as to exactly where your postal worker left this shipment. If you have exhausted all other possibilities, please contact us and we can help resolve the situation.

International Shipping

Do you ship outside of the USA, internationally?

Yes we do! International shipping takes considerably longer than domestic shipping. Please be aware that international shipments may take up to one month to arrive, depending on where you live. Sorry, we cannot track most international packages.

Due to an increased amount of fraudulent orders placed from these countries, we are no longer accepting orders from Brazil, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Singapore or Tunisia. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Will I have to pay customs on my order if I live outside of the United States?

Occasionally on international orders that contain a larger quantity of items or a high purchase price over $25, your local post office may charge you customs. By law, we are required to state the amount paid for any outgoing international package. These customs charges are rare, but they do happen on orders with multiple shirts, hoodies, and mixed item packages. Please be aware that any resultant customs charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

My international tracking number isn't working

We're very sorry for any confusion here. Unfortunately there is no tracking information available for international orders once they've left the USA. Generally shipments outside of the United States can take as long as 2-6 weeks to arrive depending on the country where you live.

Contact us at anytime for more information. Thank you as always for your patience and support.

What is VAT

VAT stands for Value Added Tax. This is sometimes applied to higher priced international orders. Please note that we are not responsible for any added Tax on items that are processed through Customs.

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