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Loved Ones

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Schmoes Know

Welcome to Schmoeville! Meet Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, your guide to what's what in the current and past world of Hollywood and movies. Getting their start on Youtube, the Schmoes quickly gained a larger following and were the first Youtube movie reviewers certified by Rotten Tomatoes. Now the Schmoes are featured reviewers on Fandango, Movies.com, and conduct their own podcast with 1000's of listeners each week. Just two regular guys giving regular reviews for regular people like you! The Schmoes and RIPT have been partners for years and you'll always see them sporting RIPT Apparel goodies in their video reviews. Follow them to hear about exclusive discounts on RIPT Apparel gear!

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Zeitgeist Game Review

Daniel at Zeitgeist Game Review has been making some of the highest quality and most consistent game reviews that any one man production company ever dream of. Utilizing state of the art equipment and his extensive gamer powers, he delivers honest and insightful reviews that help viewers determine which games are worth their hard-earned dollars. He's been rocking RIPT tees since the beginning and there's no indication of him stopping anytime soon.

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SEANxLONG loves toys. He loves them so much in fact, that he might have a problem! He and his girlfriend were featured on Syfy's "Collection Intervention" but that hasn't stopped him from churning out 100's of toy reviews spanning all sorts of brands. He is also the head of BKBN, a network for 'big kids' who just don't want to grow up. If you have a question about new or old collectible toys, SEANxLONG is a great guy to ask first!

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In This Issue Podcast

"In This Issue" is a podcast centering on Comic Book culture and reviewing the most recent books. As the featured podcast news source for 2013's Tri-con convention, this dynamic duo leaves no page unturned. Created by Justin Fah and Brad Marriott, these two cohorts can sometimes be friend or foe. They are definitely spreading the gospel of RIPT Apparel however, and proudly wear their tees like impenetrable armor. Listen to their podcast, and they might even be giving away a free tee to share!

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Jon Bailey is a professional voice actor in several video games, hundreds of movie trailers and voicematching for celebrities in dozens of projects. Online, he is known as the Epic Movie Voice for The Screenjunkies' "Honest Trailers" and for his mock reviews doing celebrities and characters reviewing toys of themselves such as Optimus Prime, Chris Hemsworth, Willem DeFoe, Christopher Walken and many others. Jon also does voiceover tutorial and movie review videos and has created numerous animated Transformers parodies that are widely popular. Someday, RIPT might feature a shirt of him as the head of Optimus Prime.

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A Cold One with The Cold One Podcast

The always dapper and debonair competitive mustache growing, wrestling personality, and podcasting, The Cold One AC! Mmm Beer!

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Tee Magnet

The FIRST daily shirt site aggregator. Tee Magnet has been there through thick, thin, and everything in between and has been featuring RIPT Apparel since 2009.

Video Games Live

Video Games Live is a musical gamer's dream come true. Creator Tommy Tallarico took his decades of experience in composing the background tunes for classic and contemporary video game and translated it into a live symphonic experience that has floored millions across the world. Sharing a common ground with the likes of RIPT Apparel, the two entities have entered into a partnership hoping to bring our like-minded audiences together for create the ultimate gamer lifestyle. If you're a fan of RIPT Apparel, do yourself a favor and check out Video Games Live.

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