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9 Bucket List Movie Theaters

9 Bucket List Movie Theaters

Kristina Suarez |

We aren’t going to sit here and tell you how to live your life, but we are going to tell you about the 9 bucket list movie theaters you really have to visit, even if you don’t consider yourself a cinephile. So grab some popcorn, because this one is all about the coolest, craziest, and all-around incredible movie theaters throughout the world. There’s so many out there that everyone has their own favorite theater, and we recognize that. So let us know in the comments what your favorite theater is, and what movies you’ve watched there!

1) Arena Pula, Croatia

Pula Arena is a 2000-year-old Roman amphitheater in Pula, Croatia. It hosts many events throughout the year, including concerts, plays, sporting events, and even movies. That’s right, you can go watch a movie in the very place gladiators fought to the death during the reign of the Roman Empire. What a unique way to enjoy the modern marvels of cinema, surrounded by a structure thousands of years old. The massive projection screen combines with the gigantic seating area to create a night filled with fun and festivity.

   courtesy of pulafilmfestival.hr

2) The Orange Cinema Club, Beijing

The Orange Cinema Club, located in Beijing, China, takes luxurious movie going to the extreme. This theater experience spares no expense. The seating includes leather chairs and plush sofas, and pillows and blankets are offered if you should feel so inclined. Butlers wait on your every need, be it food or drink, allowing you to enjoy snacks and beverages without having to leave your seat. The theater itself is stylish and modern and even hosts events and parties for their members. The membership fee is fairly pricey, ranging from $150-$800 depending on the package. However, the exclusivity and high-class experience seem to be worth the price.

   courtesy of archinect.com

3) Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, Disney Studios FL

This fun and playful movie experience offers you dinner and a show. And what better place to enjoy an old school way of moviegoing than Disney World? You get to watch retro-style movies and enjoy American cuisine at this faux drive-in theater. The bright colors and family atmosphere makes this a great place to take the kids and enjoy some quality family time. The movies and shows are all styled in the 50s, so expect cheesy monster movies or funny cartoons. Don’t forget to make a reservation, as this is a popular destination for park goers.

   courtesy of disneyworld.disney.go.com

4) Floating Archipelago Cinema, Thailand

This cinema is possibly our favorite when it comes to location. To reach it you have to take a boat to Nai Pi Lae Lagoon on Kudo Island in Thailand. The cinema, both the seats and the screen, are in the middle of the lagoon, floating whimsically. It was constructed by German architect Ole Scheeren using entirely recycled materials and employing local techniques for creating floating rafts. The entire structure is made of many smaller, connecting modules. This allows more modules to be added as needed. It also means that the entire structure can be disassembled and moved, which is what happens when it’s not in use. It’s only available for use during the Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Film Festival, however. Just one more thing to add to your bucket list!

        courtesy of buro-os.com


5) Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres, Toronto

These two Edwardian stacked theaters are the last of their kind in the world. The Winter Garden Theatre sits seven stories above the Elgin Theatre. They made their debut in 1913, as the crowning achievement of Loew’s, the oldest theater chain of the time. Traditionally, the Elgin was marketed towards the average moviegoer, whereas the Winter Garden was aimed at the upper class. They both began their entertainment careers by showing vaudeville acts and silent films. As sound films became more popular the theaters were forced to adapt to the times. In 1928, the Elgin was converted into a theater for sound films, and the Winter Garden was closed. The Winter Garden remained closed for nearly 60 years. Meanwhile, the Elgin slowly lost its charm and appeal. Luckily they were restored from 1987-89, and now once again are beautiful theaters full of gold and marble. The Winter Garden is painted with beautiful watercolors, and the ceiling is decorated with ornate leaves and lanterns. The tiered seating allows for easy viewing, but there are also opera boxes available, should you prefer more exclusivity. These theaters are as much a piece of history as they are works of art. Should you get the chance, definitely go check them out!

    courtesy of heritagetrust.on.ca

6) Cine de Chef, Seoul

Cine de Chef is Seoul’s premier luxury moviegoing experience. In actuality, Cine de Chef is far more than just a movie theater. It combines gourmet cuisine with a theater of the utmost class. The seat you sit on to enjoy the movie costs over $8,500 alone, and everything else in the theater is equality as expensive and tasteful. Whereas most theaters have 2 channel speakers, Cine de Chef has 11.1 channel speakers that completely surround you, from the ceiling to the floor and everywhere in between. They spared no expense in order to create the perfect moviegoing experience. The theater only seats 30 people, and consequently, tickets go for $50-80 depending on the day. The food available at Cine de Chef is prepared by Le Cordon Bleu certified chefs, with years of experience preparing high-quality cuisine. On top of that, the staff speaks both Korean and English in order to accommodate as many guests as possible. This is an all-around upper-class experience; we recommend checking it out!

   courtesy of cineinkorea.com

7) Alamo Drafthouse, Austin

The Alamo Drafthouse offers you comfy reclining chairs, food and drinks, dessert, and a very Austin atmosphere. The vibe in the theater is easy-going and relaxed, but as soon as the movie starts, you’re expected to pipe down and pay attention because The Alamo Drafthouse is very strict on its "no talking and no phones" during the movie policies. It requires viewers to adhere to proper moviegoing etiquette. Furthermore, children under 6 years of age are not permitted in the theater. This creates a great atmosphere for viewing movies since you’re promised to have no interruptions. Waiters come around throughout the movie to take and deliver orders. If you’re 21 or older, you can order alcoholic beverages as well. There’s a bar area in the theater too, so if you’re early to the theater you can kill some time with a pint or two. If you’re not 21 don’t worry, their milkshakes are to die for; you won’t be disappointed.

   courtesy of austin.eater.com

8) Enigma, Paragon Cineplex, Bangkok

Enigma is the top tier cinema experience offered inside the giant Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok, Thailand. Tickets to Enigma cost around $85, but the perks that come with it are well worth the cost. Rather than seats, Enigma has soft, comfortable sofas with dividers between every two seats. This allows you to completely relax and enjoy your movie experience. Before your movie starts, you get to pick a complimentary drink from an assortment of wines and whiskeys to enjoy in the lounge. The lounge isn’t the only place to enjoy food and drinks. Throughout the movie you will be served copious amounts of food, ranging from pasta and savory crêpes to delicious desserts. From start to finish, Enigma offers a unique and stylish approach to moviegoing.

    courtesy of bk.asia-city.com

9) Electric Cinema, London

Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, London, is one of the oldest cinemas in the country. It first opened in 1910, but closed down from 1993 to 2001, for remodeling. Today, the theater boasts all the modern amenities to make it a 21st-century cinema experience. The leather seats and sofas are ridiculously comfortable, and several beds are available as well. Cashmere blankets are tucked away under the footstools for your lounging needs. Food and drinks can be delivered to your seat, bed, or sofa, or you can hang by the bar if you’d prefer. The decor creates an atmosphere of wealth, dignity, and refinement, making Electric Cinema London’s number one cinema destination.

   courtesy of thenudge.com

That’s our list! We hope you enjoyed the 9 bucket list movie theaters we thought deserved a visit. Have you been to any of them? Have you been to another awesome theater not mentioned here? Let us know, leave your comment below!

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