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6 Worst Friendship-Ending Party Games

6 Worst Friendship-Ending Party Games

Kristina Suarez |

Don’t be fooled by their brightly colored packaging, party games are vicious monsters that will pit the best of friends against each other. Maybe it’s the element of randomness inherent in these types of games that causes friendly competition to quickly become not-so-friendly. Whatever it may be, it’s obvious that even the best party games will break you down until you’re just a hollow shell of your former self. Maybe you can play a party game without arguing with your friends…nah, that’s impossible. 

Here’s a list of the 6 worst friendship-ending party games.


1 – Mario Party

You knew this game would be on the list, didn’t you? If you’ve ever played it, you know how insufferably unfair this game can be at times. One of the most annoying parts is the element of chance inherent in the game. It’s pretty much up to luck whether you land on a good or bad space and whether you get a good or bad minigame. Speaking of minigames, does anyone else remember the old N64 Mario Party minigame that had you spinning the control stick so fast people were actually injuring their hands? Nintendo had to release protective gloves. Furthermore, the random assignment of bonus stars after the game almost always results in a fight. Things, like traveling the fewest spaces or landing on the most Bowser tiles (which you should try to avoid), are rewarded with stars! It’s ridiculous, and therefore makes this game first on our list of the six worst friendship-ending party games.

2 – Mario Kart

Man oh man, this game is as infuriating as it is fun. Speeding down the track, drifting around corners and bends, overtaking opponents, doing all these things are a blast. If that’s all the game was it’d be close to the perfect racing game. Once you add in some crazy items, however, you start to see how this game can ruin friendships. Blue shells are particularly frustrating. They target the player first and will mercilessly detonate on you, destroying all the hard work you put into gaining the lead. Another particularly annoying part of the game is when you get hit by one item, spin out, and right as you are able to move, you’re hit again. Nothing is worse than being inches from the finish line and getting bombarded with items until what was once a 1st place finish becomes a 9th.

                  Seriously, from first place to last in the blink of an eye.

3 – Super Smash Bros

Despite being a great game, Super Smash Bros can be absurdly rage-inducing at times. Random item drops can quickly make you go from winning to losing. Several maps will transform mid-match and cause you to die. Some characters have missiles and rockets, and players will camp one side of the stage to spam range attacks. But perhaps the worst part is how your friends play the game. Like the guy who always has an excuse for why they lost, or that one friend who taunts after every kill. Or the friend who only uses one character for every match. It doesn’t matter how it happens, rage will occur when playing Super Smash Bros if you’re taking it seriously, as demonstrated in this video.


4 – Super Monkey Ball

Oh. My. God. This freakin’ game. It’s impossible and frustrating as hell. Spend 30 minutes playing this game and you’ll understand what Purgatory is like. It’s nearly impossible to beat half the challenges and you’re stuck hopelessly repeating levels, crying tears of frustration. No really, the controls are so delicate that one wrong move will send you tumbling to your death off the edge of the course. As if that doesn’t sound bad enough, other players can knock into you as well, sending you once again off the edge and to your death.


“Super Monkey Balls could be the most ‘well-rounded’ game you’ve ever played.” Uh huh, sure, and pong is the most technically advanced.

5 – BUZZ

Ahh, BUZZ, the best and worst trivia game for the PlayStation. It’s great if you’re the oldest person in the room, otherwise, it’s a grueling game of endurance trying to see how long you can last while getting absolutely wrecked and not knowing a single answer to obscure trivia from the 1950s. I played with my mom and uncle once and don’t recall winning a single round. BUZZ sucks. No, really, the host is named BUZZ and he’s the worst. Imagine Steve Harvey’s dumb facial expressions mixed with what sounds like an American’s best impression of an English accent. That’s BUZZ for you.


6 – Worms

This is a great game for anyone in a dry spell because you will most definitely be f*cked by a number of things, all completely out of your control. Whether it’s you having to go last and sit through rounds of your friends blasting you to bits, or it’s the fact that half of your worms spawned in the worst spots on the map, it’s inevitable that this game will frustrate the crap out of you. By the end of a couple rounds of getting screwed over, even the most devout nerd will be begging to go play outside.

There’s out list of the 6 worst friendship-ending party games. So, if you’ve got a friend who you’ve been meaning to have a good argument with, why not invite them over for a friendly game of Mario Party, or BUZZ Trivia? That should do the trick!

What games would make your list?

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