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We can't guarantee delivery by Christmas for International orders placed after November 30th and Domestic orders placed after December 10th.


**Sketchbook** Posted on 11 Aug 10:09 , 1 comment

5 Ways to Use Your New RIPT Sketchbook as more than a book for sketching
  1. Use it for your thoughts. Writing a song? Cosplay costume idea? Think of a really great name for your future pet? Jot it down! There are 256 pages inside of this canvas-bound book. That gives you plenty of space to write down your geekiest hopes and dreams.
  2. Turn it into a small scrapbook. Save your movie stubs and tape them in. Use the silky ribbon to save your place so you can remember the last movie you saw. Hopefully it wasn’t the Fantastic Four reboot…
  3. Throw it in your backpack and take notes at work or in class. The book is bound with durable white matte canvas so your pages stay put, even if you use it every day.
  4. Store cheat codes for your favorite video games. I won’t tell if you don’t.
  5. Use it as a doorstop. Just kidding, don’t do that. You wouldn’t want to damage the incredibly awesome comic book inspired cover, would you?
Don’t use it as a coaster… We’ve got plenty of marble to keep your tables ring-less here: [URL]
The Limited-Edition RIPT Sketchbook is available on August 17th. Don’t miss your chance to own this versatile and fun nerd-book.

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Art Wall Update 9/19/2012 RIPT Apparel Screen-printing Shop Chicago Posted on 19 Sep 01:30 , 0 comments

RIPT Apparel

Here's a look at the progress we've made with our art wall. We take various screens that we've printed from our daily designs and try to apply them directly to the drywall behind our press. The results are one-of-a-kind and it grows every day! Stay tuned to see more.

[Video] Printed stone coasters available every day at RIPT Apparel Posted on 18 Sep 00:00 , 0 comments

RIPT Apparel

Here's a quick glimpse at our first RIPT Apparel printed cork-backed coasters available now and every day at our website. These coasters make a great gift for any guy or girl who wants their favorite design printed on a durable coaster.

Announcing NEW daily products at RIPT Apparel Posted on 17 Sep 00:30 , 0 comments

RIPT Apparel is now selling posters, coasters and iPhone 4 & 4S cases everyday.

  • Coasters (set of 4) will be $25 + shipping
  • iPhone 4 & 4S Cases will be $18 + shipping
  • Posters will be $20 + shipping

Happy Holidays from Greg Abbott Posted on 15 Dec 00:00 , 0 comments

Yes, we all know that it is holiday time by the looks of snow on the ground, glowing bulbs adorning houses, and the ever so persistent green / white / red color scheme oozing out of every corner this time of year.

Some might say it’s difficult to get away from clichés this time of year, and as a designer I was always chastised for using any color scheme even resembling “Christmas.” Is it really fair that a season has such a stranglehold on the red/green complimentary color scheme market? Let go a little, please!

I noticed a nice change of pace today after received a warm-hearted holiday greeting from a previous RIPT artist, Greg Abbott. The image is below. Greg took the time to create this unique piece and send it out as a thank you to select contacts that he felt were deserving of the appreciation. RIPT Apparel is definitely happy to be part of that group, thanks Greg!

Greg is known for his cute, whimsical cartoonish style of drawing creatures and shapes of all types. One might consider the expressions he can portray on the face of his creations as his greatest gift. Who could argue that this moose and those birds are nothing but grateful and comforting during this holiday-time thank you?

Anyway, here at RIPT Apparel, we wanted to take a cue from Greg and thank everyone for their support and purchases for the last six months. We hope to take this to the finish line and the race is definitely a marathon, not a sprint.

Check out more of Greg Abbott’s work at his site.

Spacemonkeydr Interview: Designer of Harry Potter T-Shirts Posted on 09 Aug 04:00 , 0 comments

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started?

A: After college, I worked at a few different jobs as a graphic designer, and then I decided to try working for myself. I have worked as a freelance graphic designer for about 3 years now and love it. I have had the pleasure of working for many different clients, from bands to corporate chains, and I like that I have been able to develop a different style for each one. I recently got my Masters in 3d modeling though and will be working on feature films, so I am really excited to start that. 

Q: What was your first big break that started your career?

A: I was researching t-shirt competition sites as one possible way to get started for myself. I quickly became intrigued with designing to win a competition, so I had to learn how to design for apparel, which was very different from web and corporate design. After a some trial and error I won one, and got a shirt printed and paid for the design. After that I was hooked on a whole new way of designing, and have been incorporating it into my job ever since.

Q: When you aren't designing T-Shirts, what are you up to?

A: I have other ongoing jobs for clients that I keep doing. But now that I finished school for 3d modeling I will be moving to that full time, so I will eventually be ending those. I am going to try and continue shirt designs though, I have so much fun doing them and it is a huge part of my life too.


Q: Who are some of your influences?

A: I always loved Jimiyo's designs, and I also really like WinterArtwork and Zerobriant's stuff. I also just learn a lot from the online communities on shirt sites, and love seeing new and interesting designs. I am always impressed by all the talented artists out there.

Q: What is your favorite snack food?

A: Well I love hot wings, but thank god I can't snack on those all the time...

Q: Do you design full time or do you have a day job?

A: I design full time. Plus what's nice with t-shirt design is that it's an ongoing job that I work on whenever I want. I will soon be moving on to CG work though, so while I am super excited for that, I will no doubt miss designing and the freedom I have had doing it. 

Q: Can you tell us how you bring your ideas to reality? Do you sketch things out first or go right to the computer?

A: I used to sketch first and then go to computer, but now I do everything on the machine. I have a tablet, which has made everything possible, and I would literally die without it now. If you don't use a tablet, it can be intimidating to learn how to use one, but it is 100% worth it.

Q: If there was a Zombie Apocalypse, what would your weapon of choice be and why?

A: Well, after watching Walking Dead, I would have to say a crossbow. Daryl is a surgeon with that thing, and it basically has endless ammo when you reuse the arrows.

Q: Do you have any wisdom you've learned along the way you'd like to share with other aspiring artists?

A: Learning from others and being able to compare your work with theirs is essential. Find some favorite artists and start trying to think about what makes their work so good, and try to apply that to your art. Also, don't be afraid of what other people tell you. The internet can be a rough place, and if you can't take criticism or critiques, or even compliments for that matter, you won't get very far.

Q: What is the work you are most proud of and why?

A: Well I would probably have to say the Harry Potter Quidditch shirts I made. Those really set me off to doing pop-culture designs, and opened up a lot of doors for me as far as designing and marketing go.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

A: I just wanna say thank you to anybody that ever bought and supported my designs. I really always want you guys to find something in my work you enjoy, and the fact that you would even wear it on you means a lot to me. Take care everyone!


If you want to follow spacemonkeydr, please stop by his online store for all of his amazing designs you can still buy today!

RIPT Apparel Announces "ROBOT T-shirt WEEK" Posted on 29 Jun 01:00 , 0 comments

Starting this week we are celebrating mechanical beings with “Robot Week”. This will be a great week to view one-of-a-kind tees that feature our cyborg friends. We have 5 rad tees lined up starting at 12:01 AM CST Monday and lasting until this Friday at 12:00 PM CST.

Featured designs are from artists Wotto and Robert Lee. We promise you won’t be disappointed, and each design still only costs you $10 Robo-bucks!. Get your wallets ready, you only have 24 hours to purchase each shirt before they head to our scrap heap… err, graveyard. Check out our teaser graphic for a taste of what’s to come this week!