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Use this submission portal for NFT designs only. Click here for our traditional design submission. Submitting a design for NFT requires the Contributor to grant RIPT a 30 day exclusive review period and to sign over all rights to RIPT if the design is selected within the 30 days per this agreement.

NFT Royalties are 20% (vs 10% for non-NFT sales) + you will receive an NFT of your design.

Submit your design

NFT Graphic *

2000x2000 jpeg with background.


File must be 2000x2000.

Artwork must be an original mash-up created by you. Absolutely no A.I. Art.

Design Graphic *

4500x5700 png mock-up graphic with a transparent background. Please ensure the file has the design positioned and sized as you want it printed. Note: It may take up to 30 seconds to process your upload.

Artwork Preview Image
Shirt Placement Image

File must be 4500x5700.

If you are satisfied with color and placement, scroll down to finalize your submission. Be sure to complete your Account Information first!

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Please give us a description of your design. 100 words or more is appreciated.

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Be aware that we may have to change your requested design name

Keywords *

Enter at least one keyword. Examples: Comic Books, Dragons, Coffee, Sci-fi, pixels, etc.

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Would you be willing to sell this design to RIPT Apparel for an upfront fee instead of the typical 10% commission?

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