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About Us

We LOVE the fact that we get to come to work everyday and produce products that make people happy.

What We Do

We sell unique, limited edition pop culture designs everyday on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Posters and more. Each design lives for only 36 hours and starts at just $11.00.

Our Vision

We bring people together through pop-culture apparel and provide the best daily destination for fun, nostalgic, limited edition artwork.

Mission Statement

To create a fun, collaborative, and safe work environment where employees can grow personally and professionally.

Meet The Team

  • TJ Mapes CTO
    TJ Mapes

    Founder and CTO

    TJ is a jack of all trades when it comes to RIPT Apparel. His primary focuses are the continual development of the website and marketing. As well as about 1,000 other things. This summer he learned how to surf in Costa Rica and went sky diving. One of his goals this year is to learn how to screen print!

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  • Matt Ingleby CEO
    Matt Ingleby

    Founder and CEO

    Matt loves RIPT Apparel. It's his passion. He started out as the numbers guy and has now taken over all slew of roles including everything from HR to Logistics. If there is a process that can be improved, you better believe he is already thinking about it. Matt loves Music, Movies, Sports, and the city of Chicago.

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  • Paul Friemel CMO
    Paul Friemel

    Founder and CCO

    Paul has worked in print, web, and video production for over 10 years and been drawing and creating things since before he can remember. He has lent his talents to numerous recording artists including Between the Buried and Me, The Smashing Pumpkins, Taking Back Sunday and Hawthorne Heights. Along with his friends Matt and TJ, Paul has used his experience to help artists around the globe transfer their ideas into the real world one tee shirt at a time.

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  • Eric Fisher
    Eric Fisher

    Production Manager

    Most people call him Fisher, so you can call him Fisher too! He likes typewriters, slow music, micron pens, architecture scales and League of Legends. He's worked in the Screen Printing Industry since 2007 and has been print making since the late 90's. At RIPT he makes sure that everyone is doing their job correctly, and if they're not - he starts throwing clipboards.

    League of Legends

  • Whitney

    Pre-Production Manager

    Whitney's love for printmaking started in the summer of 2004 with purchasing a Speedball Screen Printing Starter Kit. After graduating with a BFA from Pratt Art Institute her major in printmaking, it flourished into a full time career. Along with her intense love for all the screen printing stuff she is a closet otaku, video game addict and zombie apocalypse enthusiast.

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  • Lisa

    Shipping Supervisor

    Lisa is a Chicago native whose love for screen printing and meticulously folding T-shirts brought her to RIPT. When not wielding shirt orders, you may see her hearsin' around town fronting rock'n'roll trio The Dyes, spinning vinyl at Delilah's, or selling vintage wares. Her two best loves are her husband and their ginormous cat Mister Lemons, who she resides with in the land of Berrrrwyn - all hail Svengoolie!

  • Chris Causer
    Chris Causer

    Screen Specialist

    Chris is loving his life here at RIPT. You can find him at work surrounded by screens and covered in ink. Originally from Baltimore. He has a Master Degree in Elizabethan Literature, specifically the works of William Shakespeare. He also attended the Circle in the Square Theatre School in NYC. Co-Founder/Artistic Director of Jealous Mistress Theatre here in Chi-town.

    Jealous Mistress Theatre

  • Derek Smith
    Derek Smith

    Assistant Screen Printer

    Originally from Oklahoma where he received a B.S. degree in General Studies(not a joke, it's real, promise). Now he is a self taught screen printer, 2014 Sexiest Comic in Chicago People's Champion, and Chicago's Best Kept Secret.

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  • Megan Schuirmann
    Megan Schuirmann

    Warehouse Assistant

    Megan is a descendant of Sir Isaac Newton. They are a multi disciplinary artist mainly focusing on poetry, performance art, photography, painting, and mumblecore films. Megan folds the shirts.


  • Nathan Davis
    Nathan Davis

    Creative Artist

    Nathan was raised by wild television sets in the wilderness of southern suburban Australia. As a result he occasionally emits the high pitched squeal of a cathode ray tube when hungry or startled. He has been shipped to Chicago for the purpose of drawing silly pictures on t-shirts and having arguments with the coffee machine.

  • Rob
    Robert Fowler

    Lead Screen Printer

    Robert is half centaur and Santa Claus's first born. He enjoys naps in the park, rap music, and screaming at strangers, so look out! If Bod body spray themed an aroma off of Robert, it would be called "LUMBERJAK'T". Robert loves you, your friends, and your neighbors. He runs an imaginary book store that serves pastries and tea to all the little ones. Riding a horse was of the most memorable events in his life and if you get the chance, try that out. The only broken bone he's had is his leg.

  • Derek Sobieraj
    Jim Sanders

    Warehouse Assistant

    Ya know, as a proud Warehouse Assistant of RIPT Apparel, it's so hard for me to sit back here in this studio looking at a guy out here hollering my name when last year I spent more money on spilt liquor in bars from one side of this world to the other than you made. You're talkin to the Rolex-wearin, diamond ring-wearin, kiss-stealin, WOO! wheelin-dealin, limousine-ridin, jet-flyin son of a gun, and I'm having a hard time holdin these alligators down. WOO!

    When I had the great privilege to join RIPT Apparel, their dedication to the quality of their products, service to their customers, and regard for the team was evident. It is thrilling and fulfilling to be able to contribute to getting all these cool designs out to the world. Also, I write songs and advocate for Chicago comedy. That's why some local watering holes know me as the Nature Boy. WOO!

  • Nate Cartwright
    Nate Cartwright

    Marketing Assistant

    Nate is originally from Austin, Texas, but moved to Chicago in fall of 2013 to attend DePaul University. Some say he still hasn't recovered from his first real winter. These days you'll most likely find him buried up to his nose in homework. He is pursuing a degree in marketing with a minor in graphic design. In his ever less frequent free time he enjoys sketching, good music, letting dogs know they're loved, and of course destroying his roommate at Super Smash Bros.

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia

    Social Media Marketing Assistant

    Most people call me "Serg". A suburban native in Chicago majoring in Communications at UIC. When I'm not buried in homework, I spend my time watching movies, playing amateur eSports, and collecting Transformers. My dream is to have a house big enough to fit my collection... .a wife would be nice too.


  • Ryan Hernandez
    Ryan Hernandez

    Marketing Intern

    Ryan Hernandez considers himself "the best marketing designer in the world" and yes, it is a title he made up. A fanatic of Mad Men, Ryan aims to become a modern-day Don Draper. Always cool, calm and collected, no one really knows the full-story of Ryan besides that he's from Rockford, Illinois and came to Chicago to major in Graphic Design at UIC. But if there's one thing we're certain about, it's that he is damn good at making fine adverts, in copy and in art. "Design won't save the world, but it damn sure makes it look good"

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