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The Final Chapter - Mens

This Daily Deal Has Expired

Why is this product no longer available?

This product was one of our daily deals. Everyday at Midnight CST we drop three new designs which are available for 24 hours at a discounted price (up to 40% OFF).

Once time is up, they move into "Last Call" where they are available for a final 12 hours, but at an increased price of $5 per product.

Today's Deals End In:

The Final Chapter - Collection Image - RIPT Apparel

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I buy from you guys twice a month & love all of your work. I didn’t receive my final chapter tee though. I ordered “not today” the same day & received it but not the other one.

I am now complete!

When this shirt went up for sale, I purchased it. I wore it around town once, and now I’m the founder and owner of Amazon dot com! I also now own three schooners, which I found out just this morning are boats! There was one guy who saw me wear this shirt and he was in such awe that he’s now my butler! I don’t have to make my own bacon on my George Foreman grill next to my bed first thing in the morning where I can accidentally step on it and burn my foot. That’s an original thing that happened to me once. Anyhow this is a great shirt and I’m better than everyone because of it. Thank you Baby Jesus for making this shirt and delivering it via stork, because my neighbors though that part was awesome, especially when the stork talked to me and shook my hand with his stork wing.

Not bad, but there are some inconsistencies

I have mostly been pleased with RIPT quality, but lately, the colors are not matching the design colors fully, and I can tell, because I am the one picking the color palette for my designs. Also, the size of the print on the recent one, was quite smaller than on the preview. I got rhe feeling you are tying to save a buck here and there on that account, and that is surely not good for business in the long run.